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Amount that will link to you as of
Sunday, July 23, 2017:
OVER 615 Different Websites

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long will it take to increase my Search Engine Rankings?

The major search engines do a search engine update at variable times. It takes 4-6 months for the links to become "aged". You may have heard of the sandbox. The good news is that most of our customers see increased rankings on MSN in 21-30 days, Yahoo 60-90 days, and Google in 4-6 months, due to the aging of links.

We take great care in making sure that the links are relevant to the categories and so the search engines will spider all the links.

2) Are you guys a Link Farm?

No. All the links that point to you are from different websites that are "volunteer websites". These websites are not owned by Link Exchange Experts and they reside on different IP address ranges.

3)How do I optimize my site for the major search engines (Search Engine Optimization)?

There are two parts to SEO. Content and Links. The more content the better. You need to keep adding content as it does two things for you. It grows your site and keeps it fresh. The major search engines look at both of these when determining importance of your site. It's also important to structure your content correctly. You want a pyramid structure. One of our sites is You can go look at the view source and get an idea of how this is structured. The menu system allows the google bot to go through it fast and easy so all of the pages are indexed. Some of the pages link to other pages within the site. This further allows google to find all the pages with ease.

The next part is linking. That's what we are here for. Although the major search engines place importance on relevant links it does not discount non-relevant links. That means that links to your site will help you. Also one way links will help you more than reciprocal links. It is not known how much one way links help more than the other. All we know is that it does help enough for people to want to pay to get them. Another important fact about links is that they come from multiple sites..i.e. not links farms. Links farms are sites that are electronically generated for the sole purpose of generating links. We do not do that here. All of our links come from people that want the free subscription and therefore choose to reciprocate.

SEO is "Search Engine Optimization". It entails engineering your site layout to maximize your pages getting indexed by the major search engines. It will get you a higher ranking when someone searches for keywords that you are trying for. By structuring your site with keyword analysis and keyword density and setting up the content correctly, you can increase your search engine rankings significantly. If you need further assistance we do SEO here at LinkExchangeExperts. Send us an email for further inquiries.

4) Can I see the links that are pointing to me? If so, how?

Yes you can. To see your links, login using your login and password. Then click on the button that says "View Your Links" in the lower right hand corner. Click on a link that says "Click here to see your link". Notice that this is a directory on someone else's website. Also notice that the directory automatically took you to the category you selected when you signed up. Then look for one of the key phrases that you signed up with in the directory. Hover over it with your mouse and look in the status bar at the bottom of the browser to see what the website is. You should see your website. You may also click on it and it will take you to your website. Please note that the paying customers will not have the directory on their site.

You can go to any web site in the directory, click on there site, find the link called "Exchange Catalog", click on it and find your site in the directory under the category you selected.

5) Is the fee for all of the links and Will the fee increase? How do you ensure the links are still up on the other websites?

The fee is for all the links on the network. The fee will not increase as the links increase. You can go to to check all of the links on our network. Currently, the amount of links that will link to you is:

Amount that will link to you as of
Sunday, July 23, 2017:
OVER 615 Different Websites

If you decide to join, all of these will be linking to you. If you decide to buy the subscription, you will have all of these as one-way links which the major search engines give more importance. We have a robot that checks everyone on the system to make sure all of the links stay on their website. We have software that lets you check each website that points to yours. If you are not happy with the way your PR is growing you can cancel at any time. You can get free links or Pay. There is no risk to you.

6) What is the link text and why do you allow us to enter it three times?

When someone does a search in google you want your site to come up first in the result list. For example, a customer will search for "racing matrix". This is a 2 word key phrase. When you build your links, you want your anchor text to be "racing matrix" or some variation of this. The more links you build with this key phrase the higher your rankings will be. We allow you to put in 3 key phrases so if someone puts in "race cars", "racing matrix" or "race day" your site will come up in google with a high ranking - at the top of the list. We suggest the phrase usually be 3 words. But you must want the phrase to be what the customer will click in google and find your page.

7) Once I subscribe, how long does it take to see my backlinks?

You will be able to see your backlinks within 24 hours. Also, upon activation, you will be able to login to our system and see all the exact backlinks.

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