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Why is link exchanging important?

Link Building and Link Popularity

Link Exchanging is important because most of the search engines use the number of links that point to your site, (called "Back Links"), to determine how popular your site is. Link popularity is the number external sites that point or link to your site. Link building is used as part of an algorithm to determine where your site will come up when a search is requested i.e. Search Engine Ranking. The higher your search engine ranking the more traffic you will receive.

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Link Relevance

Another part of the algorithm to determine search engine ranking is link relevance. One might think that if the search engines just look at how many sites link to mine, all I have to do is create a huge amount of junk sites and link them to mine. It's not that simple. Each site has its own "importance". The old adage "the more sites that point to your site the better" is not as accurate as it used to be. The quality of the site that links to yours is very important. A page that has a huge ranking will increase your popularity more than page that has none. Hence a new philosophy has been adopted: "The higher the quality of the link, the higher quality of my site". At Link Exchange Experts, we pride ourselves on maintaining a directory of quality links that will help you gain search engine rank and more traffic. And you don't have to spend hundreds of hours trading links with other webmasters.

Link building has become more and more important. That's why we are here to help you. The more quality links you have the more popular your site will be. The more popular your site is the more traffic you will receive. And that's what its all about!

Real Customer Testimonial:

Dear Link Exchange Experts,

I did join and it seems to be working great. I can't believe how fast, easy and inexpensive it was to get backlinks to so many sites. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly (although I figured it out pretty easily). Especially on a Sunday! Thanks, Thanks and Thank You Again.

B. Seward

Real Customer Testimonial:

Dear Link Exchange Experts,

The Consumer Buying Guide not only recommends The Link Exchange Experts for website link marketing/popularity campaigns, we are also a client. The team at The Link Exchange Experts apply their knowledge and skills to help The Consumer Buying Guide increase our overall rankings within the search engines. Because of The Link Exchange Experts, our staff at The Consumer Buying Guide are able to focus on finding the best places for consumers to shop online. Regardless of what your website is offering your readers, if you do not have link popularity, no one will find you on the internet. The Link Exchange Experts have developed a user friendly system that allows webmasters to have quality links pointed to their site. The key word with The Link Exchange Experts is "Quality Links". The Link Exchange Experts are not a link farm FFA (free for all) site, so webmasters are able to increase their website exposure and increase link popularity within the search engines. Allow The Link Exchange Experts handle your websites link marketing campaign, people will find you and your piggy bank will be thanking you too.

Sean Krueger
The Consumer Buying Guide
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